Standards and Guidelines: SG for use of Face Covering

Date Implemented: 7/07/2023 Date Reviewed/ Revised: 7/07/2023 Reviewed/ Revised By:  



The facility will utilize facial coverings/face masks only as required to prevent the spread of infection or as directed by local regulatory agencies including the local Department of Health, the CDC or other governmental agencies as appropriate


(3) Residents that require isolation based on an active infection and/or a compromised immune system will have signage placed on the outside of the room door identifying the type of isolation and alerting team members/providers and visitors what PPE is required for entering the room including face masks.

(4) If a resident with an active infection requiring droplet precautions requests to opt out of wearing the requested facial covering/face mask they may do so by maintaining droplet precaution isolation in their room during the infectious phase of their infection.

(5) If a resident is not actively infected and requests to opt out of wearing the requested facial covering/face masks they may do so once they have been educated on the risks of possible exposure. Education will be documented in the electronic medical record and care plan will be updated with resident preferences.

(6) Visitors who request to opt out of wearing facial coverings/ face masks may do so if they do not present with signs/symptoms of an active infection. Visitors who opt out will be informed of the risk of exposure when not wearing a facial covering/face mask.

(7) Facility employee may opt out of wearing a facial covering/face mask unless the team member is:

  Florida Statue 59AER23-2 Emergency Rule – Standards for Appropriate Use of Facial covering for Infection Control.